The face of the cities. Urban photography in the course of time

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The seminar deals with the different aspects of urban photography from the late 19th century to the present. In a theoretical part, an overview of the development and the different functions of urban photography will be worked out. Of particular interest are situations in which cities have changed significantly as a result of historical events and this change has been captured in the image. This concerns for example Paris before the large rebuilding by Haussmann or Cologne, which was strongly destroyed in the 2. world war, and naturally particularly Berlin, begun with the building measures of the emperor time, over the two world wars up to building of the wall and turn. In addition to the structural changes that such incisions bring with them, people are always present in urban photography, as they move through and animate urban space. All these investigated aspects are to be implemented subsequently in a photographic work on the city of Aachen. The students themselves choose the focus, for example, the documentation of urban life in certain neighborhoods or structural changes such as the demolition of the parking garage at Büchel.

The seminar will take place in 5 block sessions on several Fridays. Please note the dates in RWTHonline.


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The Face of the Cities. Urban photography in the course of time

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