Closing of the library during excursion week


Switch to the new library system ALMA 


The switch to the statewide standardized library management system ALMA is planned for August 2022. If possible, regular operations in the new system environment should begin on August 1, 2022. However, it will not be possible to start all processes at the same time on this date - partly because the library is dependent on partners in and outside RWTH, for example the University Library Center, but also on the university library. Simultaneously with the ALMA conversion, the conversion of the previous search platform (touch point) to a new software (Discovery Primo VE) will take place.

Please pay attention to the dates in your exam preparation and other time planning, as these cannot be postponed due to the external requirements! In the period from July 2,. until July 31, 2022 NO interlibrary loans will be possible in the libraries of the RWTH including the University Library. Already now, interlibrary loans of monographs are no longer possible (until August 7, 2022), interlibrary loans of articles are not possible between July 18, 2022 until August 7, 2022.

Returns of media can be made at any time.