Exhibition: Picturing the Preuswald District

  Residential buildings in the Preuswald settlement Copyright: © Carlos Schrewe



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The research field takes place in cooperation with the Katho Aachen. Together we will first examine the architectural, historical and social conditions of the settlement at Preuswald in Aachen, both theoretically and on site. With the help of photographs and possibly also filmic means, we will in a next step carry out a visual analysis of the place. On the one hand this serves a better understanding of the architecture and the spatial structures of the settlement, on the other hand the medial representation of this strongly discredited place should convey a better image to the public.
The results of our work will be shown in a jointly curated exhibition at the end of the winter semester. Financed by funds from the city of Aachen, a publication with texts and images by the students will also be published.

You can find more information about the research project here.

Thursday, January 25, 2024, 6pm

Community center Maria im Tann in Aachen-Preuswald

Reimser Str. 59, 52074 Aachen

All further information will follow.