Frauen am Reiff

Exhibition Frauen am Reiff © M. Schillack

The research project complements and, where appropriate, corrals the hitherto primarily male history of the Reiff by adding the currently missing female perspective.

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Hässliche Entlein

Placeholder - Hässliche Entlein © A. Hensel

This project is about the question of the power of images in the context of the evaluation of architecture and the role of photography in the dissemination of architectural ideas.

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The Architect's Image

Placeholder © B. Schillack-Hammers

For the first time, this research project sheds light on how architects deal with photographs of themselves, their own buildings, and in the context of design processes.

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New Views on Old Perspectives

This research project is the first to take an integrative look at painted church interiors in Dutch art between 1650 and 1700.

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