EC: Urban Photography

  Urban Photgraphy © KuGe  


Urban photography is more than a visual representation of cities. Using a variety of analytical methods, photographers* visualize urban landscapes, relationships between people and places, cultural diversity, and what is experienced in cities - be it a historic city, a ghetto, an industrial site, or a non-place. The goal of this seminar is to explore how the city has been a photographic topos since the invention of the camera and how it creates new perspectives for a visual urbanism. Urban photography as a research-based artistic practice offers its methods and techniques to the use of urban planners, developers and architects for a critical, reflexive practice of spatial design. The seminar provides a platform in conversation with photographers to apply some of these methods to specific urban issues and urban situations.



Online event


M. Sc., all semesters



Fridays, 10:00-12:00 h


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