EC: Collection rooms

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This seminar will focus on the question of how large collections can best be housed, where they can be viewed and presented, and how these requirements influence architecture.

The seminar builds thematically on the research field of the previous semester and thus finds a complementary continuation in terms of content, without participation in this seminar being a prerequisite for entry.

While in the last semester we dealt with the special situation in the 18th century as an important milestone in the development of princely collections into public museums, in this seminar the arc is extended.

Beginning with the art and curiosity chambers of the Renaissance, a history of "collection spaces" will be considered.

This shows how an increasing need for systematization of the collected objects arises, which in turn leads to new demands on the space surrounding them, which increasingly takes over the function of order.

Thus, the "collection space" eventually develops into well-structured and highly specialized museums as we know them today.

This development will be illustrated by means of selected examples and the changing demands on architecture will be discussed.



Course in attendance

M. Sc. // all semesters // elective module



Thursdays, 10:30-12:00, course in attendance

ST 1 (1665/001) semi TEMP, Schinkelstr. 15


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