Cultural and Historical Basics I: Art Historry by Tasks

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Alexander Markschies

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This mandatory lecture for all first year architecture students focusses on selected monuments of occidental architecture history. Main goal will be applying a genuine art historical method, namely the method of “Art History by Tasks”, to the abundance of architectural objects. The Swiss art historian Jacob Burckhardt (1818-1897), founder of this technique, declared it himself on his 75th birthday as his personal legacy.

This method became first tangible in 1867 in Burckhardt´s book “The Architecture of Renaissance Italy”, more precisely in the preface to the second edition of his work. In it the pioneer of German-language art historiography states the desirability to accompany the narrative art history with a depiction according to objects and genres. Thereby the “driving forces which dominated all of the arts, [and] the precedents, that conditioned the individual Master in his doing” will be foregrounded.

Even if this point of view in fine arts seems to be slightly forgotten, it is still a paradigm that never has lost its eligibility. This technique will grant beginners of architectural studies highly important insights by forming a special tool for analyzing architectural history. This classification criterion demonstrates the conditions of any architectural work in terms of form, type and social history.



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Cultural and Historical Basics I
B. Sc. // 1st semester


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