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  Democracy as Builder. Selected Buildings.  


Among the countless books that have been written about architecture are, for example, tracts on architectural theory and monographs about famous master builders and architects, as well as catalogs of their oeuvre, survey works on specific building tasks, or overall representations of the styles and epochs of architecture. Among these books stand out those that, due to their age, their innovative potential, through the insights and views that were disseminated through them, but also through ever new editions and translations into countless languages, have decisively shaped our view of architecture and its history and continue to do so to this day. These treasures, which also fill the shelves and bookcases of the library of the Institute of Art History of our faculty, may be called true library treasures because of precisely these unique features and scientific-historical significance.

The STEG assignment is to work in groups of two to create a cleverly constructed, informative short film of about 3 minutes in length about one such treasure. You will choose the 'hero' of your film either from the freely accessible library holdings or - after prior consultation with the institute librarian, Dr. Koop - from a pool of temporarily accessible bibliophilic rarities. Before you get down to work, we will talk about the structure and criteria that such a film ideally has to fulfill. Afterwards, you will briefly present your favorites and we will close the course at the end of the semester with a "watch party", at which, based on your 'book adaptations', we will pursue the question of with which self-imposed directing instructions and cinematic artistic means you have done justice to the special features of your book and redeemed your claims.



Stehgreif // Impromptu-Design
M.Sc. // all semesters


Friday, April 21, 2023, 4:00 - 5:30 p.m., impromptu issue
Online meeting (The other dates will follow.)

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