City spaces

  Democracy as Builder. Selected Buildings.  


In the seminar we want to examine the design of public spaces using the example of the square. The square is not empty due to its built environment, but many things can be read from its buildings. The history, the values of the people; representation of existing rulers, feudalism, civic pride are visible in the building and facade design, but the square is also a place of administration, trade, market place, meeting place. On what occasion can people gather here? What does the square say about the people? What kind of life takes place here? This will be discussed on the basis of current examples, classic literature of urban planning history and theory of urban spaces.



Required elective module
M.A. // only for students of digital media communication


On wednesdays, 2:30 - 4:00 p.m.
Start: April 12, 2023
SG 23

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