"Chronicle of a Moment" - Photojournalism in the Museum

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The seminar deals with the topic of photojournalism in all its facets. The occasion is the exhibition "Chronicle of a Moment. Images and their Stories in the Fricke Collection," which will be shown at the Suermondt-Ludwig Museum in Aachen starting in March. On display are about 40 photographs, some of them iconic, from the period 1912 to 1997 from the photo collection of the married couple Karsten and Christiane Fricke. Each picture tells its own story, which we will explore in the seminar. In addition, the works will be analyzed against the background of the history of photography in the 20th century.

The seminar will take place in block sessions at the museum. A discussion with the curator of the exhibition, Sarvenaz Ayooghi, is planned.

The examination consists of a short presentation and a term paper. Since there are very few seminar sessions, only one absence is allowed.

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Elective module
B.Sc. // from 3rd semester


On fridays, 21.04., 28.04., 12.05., 26.05., 23.06., 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 / 13:00 p.m.
Start: April 21, 2023
SLM, Aachen

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