Showtime. Collections and Objects at Aachen University.

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Alexander Markschies

Lehrstuhlinhaber, Studiendekan


+49 241 80 95068




For a long time now, universities have not only been future-oriented in teaching and research, but they are also starting to revise their own history. In the course of this impromptu we will be focusing on models or tools, devices or apparatus, material samples, artifacts, blanks or prototypes, such as exist in large numbers at RWTH. If they are large enough, they can be conspicuous, as in the case of the crankshaft of a ship's diesel engine, which until a few years ago was placed in front of the main building of the RWTH. Far smaller, but in larger numbers, they sometimes lead a miserable existence in dusty glass showcases in the corridors of the chairs and institutes, completely unjustified and outdated.

The task of this course is selecting such a material reminiscence from a given list of objects and to create a small, informative short film about it, about 3 minutes long. In the first session, we will talk about the structure and the criteria that such a film should ideally fulfill. In the second session, which we will appreciate the final results together.


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Stehgreif // Impromptu-Design
M.Sc. // all semesters


Dates and place will be determined in the following days

Accompanying Content

You can download the corresponding lecture content for follow-up purposes on RWTHMoodle.