This class is only available for students of Digital Media Communication.

Visual Media of Architecture

  Visual Media of Architecture.  


The production and reception of buildings depend on numerous visual media. Instead of treating architecture and its modes of representation separately, this seminar explores the question of the interrelations between buildings and media. Particularly, architecture itself thematizes this interrelationship. When Herzog & de Meuron achieve the effect of gradation on the shell of a factory building by printing the historical photograph of a sheet by Karl Blossfeldt in serial reproduction on facade panels, for example, not only a decorative purpose is fulfilled, but possibly also a pictorial dimension of architecture is made visually tangible. In addition to photographs, recourse to paintings can also be observed in contemporary architecture. In this seminar, we will use case studies to explore in depth the effects of the respective visual medium and the recourse as a reference to the present.



Required elective module
M.A. // only for students of digital media communication


On wednesdays, 12:45 - 2:15 p.m.
Start: April 13, 2022
R 140

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