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In the research field histories & stories of museums, we deal with the first museum buildings in German-speaking countries. However, the architectural form of the respective museums will only be marginally addressed. Rather, we want to shed light on the background that determined the transition of private princely collections into a presentation of art intended for the public. In expressive texts from the 18th century, we probe what constituted contemporary taste; in parallel, we get to know an increasingly self-confident art public. In other words, we are interested in who wrote about the art collections of the time, how and why, and how were the artefacts presented, how was a sensation created and attention directed? In short, we go back historically to the beginnings of museum and collection marketing, which is becoming increasingly important in view of today's overbidding strategies in artistic event management and is also an increasingly exciting field of activity for budding architects.


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Histories & stories of museums

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