Less is more? Mies van der Rohe and the media

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The expression less is more became popular in the earlier 20th century in the fields of architecture, design and art. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1886-1969) took up the formulation in order to articulate a concept of architecture oriented towards minimalism. But Mies van der Rohe also cultivated a virtuoso approach to the media of architecture. He drew, made models, photographed, and created collages. As a result, these works are of a complexity, almost opulence, that feels like reading "against the grain" of the motto less is more. Architecture encompasses far more than just the buildings themselves. In the seminar, we will address the interaction between construction and media as a central component of architecture in relation to the described activities of the architect Mies van der Rohe.


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Less is more? Mies van der Rohe and the Media

M. A. // Digital Media Communication // Compulsory course



Wednesdays, 15:00 - 16:30 p.m.

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