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In the seminar we will deal with buildings of the international financial world in which money is kept or traded, for example banks or stock exchanges, but also trading institutions. We ask the question whether the respective function of the buildings is reflected in the architecture and whether there might even be a kind of architectural canon. For example, are certain attributes such as power, security or trust, which are usually associated with financial institutions, visually translated? What architectural models might be used for this purpose? Do modern glass skyscrapers still speak the same language as, for example, Otto Wagner's Postsparkasse in Vienna or the Federal Reserve Bank in New York? Or, in the course of the worldwide banking crisis, are new aspects such as transparency or credibility perhaps being added, which also require a new architecture? These and other questions will be explored in the seminar by analyzing various concise buildings, with a focus on the 20th century.


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No money, no fun! - Architectures of finance

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