Dreamed spaces. Masterpieces of architectural painting

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In general, architecture is built, accessible and site-bound space, designed more or less cost-intensively depending on the equipment and size, realized with the intention of being used by people for certain purposes. In many respects, architecture in a painting is different. As a painting, what is built, that is, what is actually immobile, becomes transportable. Building sites no longer have to be acquired, and the costs of "erecting" buildings with the help of brush and paint are virtually negligible. In other words, almost anything was possible on the canvas, there were hardly any constraints, even if the dimensions of a painting set clear limits. This freedom, which only the pictorial space opens up, corresponds to a freedom of which architectural painters were aware at all times: They sensitized the eye for architectural forms, confirmed or denied the claim of architecture, thus created architectural awareness. They accompanied and commented on developments, provided reading instructions and interpretations for built architecture, acted as chroniclers, but also as audacious fantasists and utopians; as painters they always competed, at least latently, with the representatives of the building guild, and in individual cases - filled with pride - even saw themselves as the better architects.

Since they always created an image of what was built, thus giving vividness to ideas of architecture, their activity was never limited to the reproduction and painting of the given. Rather, they always made a conscious selection, both thematically and motivically, reinforcing or weakening certain characteristics and qualities of architecture. Consequently, the painted buildings are to be understood alongside the built ones as a world of reflection in their own right. The aim of the seminar is to trace these reflections, especially the accentuations that manifest themselves in them. It is planned to look at selected highlights of architectural painting from the Middle Ages to the Modern Age.


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Dreamed spaces. Masterpieces of architectural painting

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