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The intersections between automobile and art are more numerous than expected. Covering architecture, the most prominent examples are to be found in the construction of Automobile Museums that were designed by well-respected architects in the course of the last two centuries. These Museums will be the emphasis of this Field of Research. Starting with the general relation between car and art, main focus will be on construction and evocation of atmosphere regarding these solitary architecture structures. As to be shown during this semester, they have especially been impacted by programmatic terms such as dynamic, progres and modernity as well as an industry-immanent compulsion for technical innovation, for self-presentation and self-assertion of the respective brand. By now these spectacular buildings developed into worlds of entertainment and comfort where the automotive is no longer just an object of prestige but also an identity-forming vehicle for a distinguished lifestyle demanding to be designed atmospherically more than ever.

If possible, there is a two-day excursion to Munich (BMW) and Stuttgart (Mercedes, Porsche) in planning.

The Field of Research “Atmo II” can be taken for 6 CPs and is a sequel to FoR_1a from the winter term 2019/2020.



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Start: April 23, 2020

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