EM - Ornament and Communication

  The Public Side of Architecture - Ornament ans Communication  


This seminar discusses the relevance of the use of ornaments in architecture and urban planning, especially addressing the communicative potential of ornamental structures in the public, for example on facades. You can find those structures in form of slogans on advertisement posters, in form of architectural facades and smaller urban spaces such as kiosks, bus stops and traffic signs. You can find those structures in changing street advertisements placed on facades. Where is the difference between theses offers and offers only meant to be commercial, but using partially similar structures? This seminar will develop basic knowledge for answering this question by analyzing the quality of visibility. For this we will look at different buildings as well as other publicly accessible objects in the urban space. The participants of this seminar will be expected to complete a larger number of reading assignments of classic texts as well as modern texts. Part of the reading list are for example Siegfried Kracauer, “The Mass Ornament” and “Die Gesellschaft der Singularitäten. Zum Strukturwandel der Moderne” by Andreas Reckwitz



Elective Module
This seminar is only and exclusively for students of Digital Media Communication in their master studies!

Dates and Times

Wednesday, from 3.00 p.m until 4.30 p.m.
Start: April 22, 2020

Current Situation

Regarding the current situation all lectures and classes will be held digitally. You will receive information on the exact procedures from your lecturer. Please make sure to have access to the corresponding moodle platform. If this is not the case, please get in contact with our administrative office.

Accompanying Content

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