Pentecost Excursion to Florence, 2010

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Florence - Physiognomy of a City

Like few other cities in the world, Florence has retained its historic appearance to this day. Architecture and squares, painting and sculpture, river, bridges and surrounding hilly landscape with cedars, cypresses and pines make the city a unique work of art. In the heyday of Florentine bourgeois humanism in the 15th and 16th centuries, magistrates, guilds and rich patriciate, including influential families such as the Medici and the Rucellai, competed for the beautification of their city through the arts - not without enterprising ulterior motives for their own fame. At the center of the seminar is the question of the appearance of Florence during this period. In the Renaissance, that memorable physiognomy developed, which still today makes up the appeal of the metropolis on the Arno. The aim of the event is to both analyze individual art objects and to capture them in their overall context.

The seminar consists of a one-week excursion to Florence in the Pentecost week and two preparatory block events.