Pentecost Excursion to Leipzig, 2016

  Graffiti on House Facade Copyright: © Hammers  

Everybody can do Berlin, Leipzig one must want ...

Leipzig - after Heidelberg the second oldest university city in Germany, the city of books, the place where the color yellow became synonymous with reading literary classics editions of entire generations of students, the city of music, the site of Johann Sebastian Bach, of the Thomaner Choir and the Gewandhaus Orchestra, this is the upper center for trade, traffic and administration, trade fair city, business metropolis and production location of Bavarian automobiles in the center of Saxony. Leipzig - but also the fastest growing city in Germany, social diversity, unique creative zone and scene, that is Werner Tübke and “Neue Leipziger Schule”, until today compression and concentration of outstanding architecture of all eras and styles at the highest level and in the smallest of spaces, that is war memory in unprecedented monumentality, that are the shopping arcades in Brussels and Milan reduced, but numerically potentiated, that is a touch of Moscow in the form of ring building, but also “Platte”, that is German-German history, epicenter the “turn” and the new beginning, that is dealing with the architectural heritage of the other Germany and last but not least the place of exemplary architectural sins and blatant monument preservation wrong decisions.

Reason enough to take a personal look at all of this in the form of an excursion from May 16 to 21. The excursion participants have been determined.