Pentecost Excursion to the North German Baltic Sea Coast, 2017

  Harbor of Wismar © Sommer  

North German Brick Gothic

The topic of the seminar, which is mainly dedicated to the North German Brick Indomites, takes us to eastern Schleswig-Holstein and the coastal region of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The aim is to capture these in Europe unique testimonies of medieval secular and sacred architecture in their topographical-historical conditionality and their architectural-creative diversity.
The seminar is at the same time preparation for the planned Pentecost excursion of the institute in June 2017, whereby the participants of the event are given preference in the winter semester.

Wismar and Schwerin (St. Mary's Cathedral and St. Johannis), Güstrow (St. Mary's Cathedral, St. John Evangelista and St. Cäcilia / St. Marien's Parish Church), Greifswald (St. Nikolai's Cathedral / St. Mary's Parish Church / Bürgerhaus Markt 11 / ruin of the Cistercian Monastery Eldena), Prora (annex of the former “KdF seaside resort” Rügen, 1936-1939), Stralsund (St.-Marienkirche / St.-Nikolaikirche / St.-Jakobikirche / Rathaus / Wulflamshaus Markt), Bad Doberan (Cistercian Monastery), Wismar (St. Mary's Church / Nikolaikirche / community center “Alter Schwede” market 20 - 21 / Fürstenhof 1553-1554) and Lübeck (St. Mary's Church / St. Jacob's Church / St. Peter's Church / Aegidienkirche / Cathedral / City Hall / Holy Spirit Hospital / Holstentor) will be visited.