Pentecost Excursion to South Tirol, 2019

  Mountains in South Tirol Copyright: © Kay Sommer  

“Far Bella Architettura” - Gems of Architecture in South Tirol

South Tirol - this is the northernmost province of Italy, that is the region between Munich and Milan on the Brenner transit route with Bolzano as provincial capital, that is rapidly changing political affiliation, resistance movement under guidance Andreas Hofers against the Napoleonic France, starting from 1810 Kingdom of Italy, from 1813-1919 Empire of Austria, that is since 1922 violent Italianization by the fascists, from 1943 to 1945, under Hitler, “Operation zone Alpine foothills”. South Tirol - this is also mild climate, green high plateau of the Alpe di Siusi, striking rock in the shape of the “Three Peaks”, eternal ice with Ortler and Gran Zebrù, but also home to the legendary glacier mummy “Ötzi”, the home of fighter like Armin Zöggeler and individualists like Reinhold Messner.

South Tirol - this is also social and culinary variety, land of good wines, but above all also agglomeration and concentration of outstanding architecture of all eras and styles: These are late Gothic architectural gems of Michael Pacher, this is Fascist architecture in Bolzano, as Mies van der Rohes Designing a “Mountain House” of 1934, that is the Museion in Bolzano, architectural self-portrayal of great wine cooperatives, these are the 6 Messner Mountain Museums, including one by Zaha Hadid, that is transfer of a mixture of sustainability and new architectural Form language in the high mountains on the example of shelters for mountain hikers and alpinists.

Even these few architectural highlights are reason enough to be treated in depth in a seminar, which serves as a preparation for the excursion in Pentecost Week 2019, where all this and more personally should be inspected. Participation in the seminar is not compulsory for participation in the excursion, but seminar participants have a privilege to one of the 25 excursion places.


Preparing you can download the information presentation for the excursion. More information can be found here. Subject to change without notice.