Pentecost Excursion to Lake Constance, 2018

  View on Lake Constance and the Alps Copyright: © Kay Sommer  

From Reichenau to Zumthor - architecture around Lake Constance

Lake Constance - that is a natural and cultural landscape of unique contrasts surrounded by three states, that is continuous building culture and art between Bronze Age stilt houses and sensational set designs as film set for “007”, that is late gothic in Konstanz, baroque pomp of top class in Weingarten, Salem and Birnau, that is classical modernity in Friedrichshafen, but at the same time also modern museum and administrative architecture in captivating objectivity and simple materiality in Bregenz, Dornbirn and St. Gallen. In short - Lake Constance, this is the region whose outstanding architectures the seminar will address in exemplary individual considerations.

At the same time, the seminar is a course that is already preparing for the planned Pentecost excursion of the institute. This will probably take place from May 22 to 26, 2018 and should again this time according to our motto for years practiced “low budget - high impact” total cost of 250 Euro including traveling accommodation costs and Entrance fees do not exceed.

While participation in the seminar is not obligatory for participation in the excursion, on the other hand, the proof of achievement in the context of the seminar participation in the winter semester can be extended in such a way that it already provides the proof of achievement for the summer semester.


Accompanying the excursion as well as the follow-up, the excursion reader can be downloaded here.