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Opening hours from October 25, 2021:

Mondays to Thursdays
10 to 13:00pm
14 to 17:00pm

Returns of media are possible without booking an appointment.

Lending after e-mail reservation on Wednesdays from 10 to 13:00pm.




Dr. Katharina Koop

Senior Librarian


+49 241 80 90081



Library of Art History!

As part of the faculty library architecture of RWTH Aachen University, the library of the Department of Art History is the largest of the 10 libraries of the Faculty of Architecture. Almost 70,000 media on art, culture and related sciences are available to students, scientists and other interested parties. Meanwhile, there is a focus on photography and film - of course, especially in relation to architecture.

Reading and working places are available to the visitors and offer in the library with their special atmosphere the possibility for intensive learning, but also for an interdisciplinary exchange

In the library of art history are also the holdings of the teaching and research field of architectural theory, the chair of visual design and the chair of plastics.

To search the literature, the direct search in the catalog of the library can be used.

Workstations from October 25, 2021

Please reserve 24 hours in advance at Reservations are valid only after confirmation by the library. First come, first serve!

Mondays / Wednesdays

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