Opening and Panel

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Thursday, December 15, 2022, 6 p.m.

Women at Reiff.

An exhibition project by students of the Faculty of Architecture

The current debate about the presence of women in the profession and in public perception also directs our attention to the Reiff. Over the course of two semesters, students dedicated themselves specifically to women at the Faculty of Architecture at RWTH Aachen University. As part of a research project led by Frederike Eyhoff and Birgit Schillak-Hammers from the Department of Art History, the students examined both the history of women at the Reiff and the situation of current female employees. In doing so, the work of all groups - female students, female academic staff, employees in technology and administration, and female professors - was taken into consideration in order to question them according to structural, content-related, and methodological aspects. The goal was to permanently supplement the hitherto male history of the Reiff with the female perspective and, if necessary, to correct it. In addition, the stumbling blocks in relation to women's academic careers were to be made visible in order to invite discussion on how to improve the situation. The findings fit into an overarching academic feminist discourse and vividly illustrate the often still precarious employment conditions for many women in university research.

The results are now on display in an exhibition curated by the students. The spectrum ranges from scientific statistics to interviews and press articles to a photo project that makes the women at Reiff visible in the truest sense of the word. The exhibition kicks off with a panel discussion on 15.12.22 on the topic of "Women in Science" with representatives of the Faculty of Architecture. Dipl. Ing. Karin Hartmann, author of the book "Schwarzer Rolli, Hornbrille" (Black wheelchair, horn-rimmed glasses), in which she deals in particular with the professional perspective of female architects, has been specially invited.

Marginalized topics and groups must be consistently considered in all areas in order to establish a new self-image in the sciences and in the underlying structures. Therefore, the event is meant as a kind of "kick-off" to deal with topics such as gender, intersectionality, classism, racism, ableistism, ageism and the related discrimination and encroachments at universities.

Program Opening "Women at Reiff" on December 15, 2022


6.00 p.m.      Get-together at the Reiff Foyer

6.30 p.m.      Panel discussion on the topic "Women in Science"

                       Lecture Room R 5 at the Reiff


                       Dipl.-Ing. (TU) Karin Hartmann, Architect BDA ao, chairwoman of the architektinnen initiative and                               author of the book Schwarzer Rolli, Hornbrille (2022)

                       Participants from the Faculty of Architecture:

                       Lotte Bastert B. Sc., student

                       Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Sabine Brück-Dürkop, Prorector for Personnel and Young Scientists, Teaching                        and Research Field Building Design and Construction Realization

                       Dipl.-Betriebswirtin (FH) Heinke Fiedler, Managing Director of the Faculty

                       Paula Günster B. Sc., student

                       Dr. phil. Katharina Koop, Head of the Faculty Library and Equal Opportunity Officer of the Faculty

                       Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Christa Reicher, Chair of Urban Planning and Design and Institute of Urban                        Planning and European Urban Studies


                       Frederike Eyhoff M.A., Research Assistant

                       Dr. phil. Birgit Schillak-Hammers, Academic Councilor

                       Chair of Art History

8.00 p.m.      Opening of the exhibition with drinks